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Welcome to Push-The-Limits...the world of my creation. I choose this name for my site because i wanna get outside the box and do something different so here i am sharing some incredible n unusual facts and phenomenon happened very rarely and yet not explained by the physical laws of science today. One thing i had learned in my life to be an open minded person because i think going along with the crowd and what is expected of you only limits your possibilities and Limiting your own possibilities simply by doing what you believe you are supposed to do will not lead to a life of terms of existence as well as presence of everything without any physical laws. These Laws and other realities created by our own according to our experiences from a very long time and from that time we are reinforcing those laws for living and loose all power for new creativity. I think in order to reach your true potential, you must do what you can to reach further beyond what is in sight.

Quantum physics explains that matter is not made up of particles, but waves. That means everything we see, hear, touch, taste or smell is in reality a wave of information and energy. The implications for this are enormous and mind-blowing, if you take the time to think it through carefully. Infact quantum science shows us is that time is not linear, matter is not solid, and that the empty space between objects is actually a sea of infinite possibilities. It has also demonstrated the relationship between mind (the observer) and matter (the observed). Everything we experience in the physical universe exists in an ocean of infinite possibilities, coming into existence when the mind gives it form.Quantum physics and scientific research into the Zero Point Field indicate that the "stuff" we are made of may actually be less than nothing at all. Apparently, physical objects exist on a subatomic level as mere probabilities and do not come into existence at all until the moment we perceive them.

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