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Astral projection is practiced by Tibetian Monks, it’s part of their prayer ritual. However, it is no different than an OBE (out of body experience). You leave your body and are still attached to it by a "silver cord.” The only thing different is the intention. The person who has an OBE probably almost died in an accident etc and were brought back to life, the monks of Tibet practice this daily and don’t think anything of it. The reasons are different but the outcome the same, leaving the physical body and traveling to different realms. Scientifically it has been proven because they would set up controlled experiments where a monk would have to leave his body in order to answer the questions that were put before him. Like explain the outfit so and so has on and the monk is 1000 miles away from the subject and in full view of the experimenter. Astral projection is not limited to the monks of Tibet, however, they are the most well known group practicing it. Supposedly anyone can do it but it has to be developed, and there are rules one must follow while doing it so no harm comes to you. Telepathy is different in that you do not leave your body, you intuitively know that something is or isn’t going to happen, someone’s going to call, you know what someone is thinking, you know who’s on the phone before you answer etc, you know you’re going to meet your long lost cousin down town tomorrow, etc. Telepathy is all mental, it’s not leaving the body at all. Scientifically I have read many theories, (and that’s about all they are are theories) is that some people are able to "tap” into different time parameters. You and I are in linear time and we talk about what happened 2 years ago, 2 months ago, what we are going to do 5 years from now etc. For some reason some folks are gifted and can tap into linear time at any point, past, present, and future. Exactly why? Why does someone like only ice-cream, and someone else mint brownies? There is no hard and fast reason for that either. From the reading I do it’s all about how our brain is wired and our chemical cascades.

Astral projection is commonly known as ones soul leaving the physical body for an out-of body- experience. However, this definition may change slightly depending on your belief as an individual; however, the basic concept remains the same. It is not high on the scale of enlightenment so to speak, and belongs to groups of techniques called projection or visualization.

Projection is designed to separate your soul from your physical body by taking hold of one of the seven subtle bodies, in this case the astral body. Visualization is slightly different from astral projection in that the visualization relies on mental energy and imagery. To imagine yourself as an animal or in the presence of a divine being. Astral projection allows you to explore the world in the astral body, almost completely detached from your physical body except for a thin silver umbilical cord better known as a tread. The concept has been around for a long time, but seldom used, however, nowadays it has become an important area that is being discovered having new levels of knowledge and power, enabling you to discover the answers to mans eternal questions about life and the physical body Death can take on a new meaning as you begin to realize that it is only a transition to another dimension or place of existence.

When you learn how to astral project you can learn many things about yourself and unlearn many things that you thought was previously true. This leads you to the realization that your physical body is only a part of your entire self and there is more to your existence than meets the eye. Therefore, the earth plane you live on is only one of many dimensions. Other dimensions are not above or below you, but rather all around you. Astral projection allows you to discover that peopleand objects exist on these other realms and can be just as solid and real as any object on earth.


Projection Example

When you are born into your physical world, you are provided with a physical body to carry out your duties. Astral projection allows you to project out of your body and into the next dimension, which is the astral plane. When you do this, you are in another body called the astral body. The astral body has some amazing properties, unlike the physical body that is held-down by gravity. The astral body can overcome this limitation by the effort of thought alone. While out of your body, you can not only walk around as if in the physical, but also soar above the trees or go out into space. One of the greatest fears while on earth is pain or injury. While out of your body, absolutely nothing can cause damage to the astral body, in the next dimension, fire, knives, guns, falling from great heights, electrical shocks, disease, and wild animals cannot do you any harm. You might have received lessons in your dreams, watch for them, because you will discover that you always survive

When you are out of your body communication is accomplished by thought, this is known as telepathy. In other words, it is not necessary to move your lips in order to speak, although you can do this if you wish. Sometimes, when you hear what you think is just a thought, could actually be someone communicating with you from the astral plane.When you start to explore astral projection, you must first overcome the obstacles of fear that will present itself in many ways. The fear of death, pain, injury and the unknown may loom up on you. You must conquer your own fear head on, and it will rapidly disappear. For example, if you convince yourself, a devil is out there to trick or deceive you, and if you have already pictured in your mind, what this devil looks like and what he plans on doing, you should not be surprised when your fears come true. The devil you create can become real and solid in the next dimension because you created him.On the astral plane, you can meet those you love or that which you fear. If do not fear, you will not meet fear. It is as simple as that. Therefore, you can save yourself trouble by putting nonsense like that out of your mind. Remember, there is nothing that can harm you while you are out of your body. You must release yourself from the grip of fear and set yourself free.

On the astral plane, you can also visit your loved ones who have passed on before you. You can ask them face-to-face how they like their new surroundings. The astral plane is a vast dimension of existence, and contains life in abundance. It does not operate by the same laws as the earth plane. Colors you see will be beautiful and you will experience new and exciting things that are there for you to discover.

The astral plane contains many things that are not on earth at this time. Some of them may appear in the future on earth, and some are from the past. The important thing to remember is there is no death. Astral projection enables you to use the part of your mind that has been dormant or sleeping. You can wake up this part and put it to work. It is known as your sub-conscious, and it can give you the knowledge you need to find out more about yourself, your purpose on earth, and your relationship with friends and family. Most people think of their mind as only that portion they recognize as their conscious mind or waking mind. It is said, that the mind is ten percent conscious and ninety percent sub-conscious.Did you know that you go to the astral plane at night when you sleep? Think of this! Astral projection takes place without you even being aware of it! As strange and hard it sounds to believe, it is true. To begin exploring astral projection, pay attention to your dreams each night. Eventually, you will come to the realization that you were in the astral plane, but you have never realized it.When you take the first step of allowing for the possibility of multiple dimensions and astral projection as realities, you can then focus on ways to understand, explore, and actually experience these things. In doing so, you can open the door to amazing and expansive existence that is beyond your wildest imagination.

Here is an exercise to help you.

Find a quite place that is free of distractions, adjust the lighting and room temperature, adjust your clothing and remove your eyeglass if need be. Sit or lie down making sure you are comfortable, calm your mind and relax your body. This includes your face, jaw, shoulders, neck, arms, hands and start to feel at peace. Now relax your torso, legs, feet and hips now let go.Focus on your breathing, inhale slowly, and deeply through your nose retain the breath for as long as you feel comfortable. Exhale through the mouth slowly and completely repeat for two more breaths. Start to let go of the fear of leaving your physical body. Remember, when you astral project you will see yourself floating away from your physical body. You may feel a sense of release or perhaps hear a sound as you leave.

If you get fearful, please stop, as you are not ready for astral projection. Anything done in metaphysics should feel comfortable and easy, if it is stressful, let it go for now, as you are not ready.

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